Halloween play date without the spooky spending

Halloween is right around the corner mamas! Can you believe it?

Now before you start stressing yourself out over needing to have the perfect costume for your little one, creating pinterest treat bags, baking sugar free, nut free, gluten and dairy free gourmet desserts that won’t even be allowed in the classroom, and spending an unnecessary amount in the target dollar section on gifts to boo the neighbors kids just take a moment and remember to breathe.

“There is beauty in simplicity.”

Try not to let the chaos of the busy world or the fancy scenes of social media take over and remember to just enjoy the memories that come with this time of the year so embrace it all sugar rush included.

For those of you already experiencing the crisp fall temperatures I envy you but if you are in the South like me and still swatting those skeeters hang tight because our cool weather is happening in just a few short days.

So with the cooler weather arriving next week we are going to head outside in a few short days and have a playdate with some festive crafts, games, and treats while keeping it simple and on a budget. I am sharing all of my ideas with you and in plenty of time so you can host your own play date too. The best part is you get to be outdoors enjoying the fall air and keeping your house mess free which keeps you stress free. That is just music to my ears. Am I right?

So if you have a card table or any table/chairs to use set it up in your backyard, driveway or wherever you have the most space and feel the most comfortable hosting a playdate with kiddos. If you don’t have a table/chairs just use your driveway. Tape down enough craft paper to cover the entire table. The link provided is a favorite craft paper of mine that I use in my Etsy shop and it comes in handy for playdates too! You may have leftovers and thats perfectly fine because I have plenty of uses for it come this holiday season so just tuck it away somewhere safe. I absolutely love the durability of this paper for the kids plus the fact that its made in the USA. When the playdate is over have the kids rip the paper off the table (time them to see how fast they are because what kid doesn’t love a challenge) and toss it in the trash. How simple is that? Talk about easy peasy and thats what this mama of four is all about.

Now just grab a few packs of  halloween stickers at the Target dollar spot or this pack of over 300 stickers  then let the kids go to town by covering the entire table with them!!! I know you are thinking this sounds silly and entirely too simple but often as adults we forget that it doesn’t take much to keep kids entertained and happy.  While the kiddos self entertain and have a blast decorating it will give the mamas time to chit chat which is honestly why we even host playdates to begin with right? Joking, kinda.

Now I have attached a few simple halloween craft ideas that come with EVERYTHING the kiddos need to make them. Festive and mess free for your little pumpkin and their goblin friends to work independently or as a team. Simple living trick: Lay out all of the supplies ahead of time and throw away the trash. Provide small bowls of snacks to keep your little ones crafting and snacking at the same time. Goldfish, pretzels, and raisins  are personal fav’s and allergy friendly!

What’s a halloween play date without candy and by candy I mean CANDY CORN?? Here’s a game I made up that’s not only fun and tasty but educational too. Win Win mamas!

IMG_1263 (1)

Use orange and yellow construction paper to print or write out sight words. Then just cut them up into the size of choice.

  • Place the sight words out in front of the child almost as if playing bingo (pictured below is my son playing it with army men recently as we love this game and play it frequently as part of our homeschool curriculum)
  • Call out the words one by one and as your child recognizes the sight word they will place the candy corn on the correct sight word
  • Once all of the words have been correctly matched they may eat the candy corn to celebrate or continue playing


Check out this steal I found online for EIGHTY ounces of candy corn for right under $16. To throw in another fun game you could add in any extra candy corn to a take home jar and have the kids guess how many pieces they think there are and whomever guesses the closest gets to take it home. Just be sure to apologize  to the winning child’s parent as they walk out the door!

Last thing you need is some halloween music and your play date is set. If you have itunes we love the ‘Disney halloween tunes for your little trick or treaters’ and ‘Preschool Halloween songs by The Kiboomers’

I am so excited for all of you to have a stress free, budget friendly, fall play date with your littles friends and some mama friends too because lets face it we all deserve a good party thats simple and leave you stress free.

Please share your photos, comments and/or stories with me letting me know how your playdate goes because I would love to hear all about it!!

Oh for those who love Halloween and decorating for this time of the year check out these custom decorative beads that are HAND PAINTED by a local friend of mine. Check out her IG @boos_beads to place your custom order

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This simply means if you purchase something through the links provided I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Rest assured I will never recommend something that I do not enjoy using and wouldn’t recommend to at least my mom, sister or very best friend.


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