My soul is fed with needle and thread

I have such fond memories of being a child and making sweet crafts at my grandmothers house. We granted her the title of Dede when we were just kids and the name has forever held. She always had something fun for us to do as kids whether it be collecting pine cones for a wreath or using popsicle sticks and soup cans to make pen holders. Simple and yet oh so sweet.

IMG_1262 (1)

Yesterday I got to spend the day with my children visiting my Dede AND my Nana (my great grandmother and my children’s great-great grandmother who is 97 years old) and my kids got to sit at the same table I did all those years ago with the same wall paper making the same craft out of popsicle sticks and soup cans.

Here is a throwback of me standing on the exact chair my children sat in yesterday crafting-same wall paper and all taken around twenty-five years ago. The photo of my babies is just below mine. Such a sweet moment to reminisce on.


IMG_1240 (1)

My Dede still uses her pen holder to this day dated 1995 that my sister and I made as kids. Such a special thing for my children to see something I made so many years ago and a sweet memory for my Dede as she watched my children, her grandchildren make the same craft she taught us how to make many moons ago.

My Dede is hands down the best seamstress I have ever known. As children she would make us anything and everything. Costumes, dresses, skirts, quilts, and so much more. Once I started having children she started doing the same for them. I can’t tell you how many special keepsakes we have that my Dede has made over the years that we will love and cherish forever. “Beautiful things come together one stitch at a time.”

When my oldest announced she wanted to be a fashion designer and design her own clothes one day I told her she would need to learn to sew. Unfortunately life was always too busy with long hours at school, homework, cheer practice and the constant need to keep up with weekend birthday parties and nonstop commitments (this was before I chose simple and learned to say NO-but I will save that for another blog another day) This year though we became a homeschooling family giving our family a simpler lifestyle and the flexibility to add in those sewing classes! So once a week for about two hours Makyla gets to learns to sew with girls her age and in just a few short classes has already created her own bag and skirt. I can’t even sew a button on and my baby girl is sewing SKIRTS- she’s wearing it in the photo below. This mama is so proud of her and I can’t wait for her to design her own clothes one day and chase those dreams.


IMG_1296 (1)So during our sweet visit to my Dede’s house Makyla brought her sewing machine she just received as a gift so she could learn a few things about it. I learned that day that all sewing machines are NOT the same and since she is learning on a different style in the sewing class she needed to know a few things about hers. *My mama always says you learn something new every day* 


The kids finished up their crafts and showed them off to Nana. I enjoyed visiting with her and hearing new stories. I am thankful her mind is 100% for I know how rare this is at her age. She loves to tell jokes, talk about how TV is garbage these days and tell me stories of when she was a little girl. I always learn somethings new about her and encourage you to take time talking to your grandparents and great grandparents if they are still around. Something I didn’t know was that she didn’t even learn to sew herself until she was fifty. I had always just assumed she learned as a child and that was why my Dede started. WRONG. She told me how proud she is of Makyla for learning to sew and I realized that if its something I still want to learn to do-well I can because Nana didn’t even learn until fifty. It truly is never too late to chase your dreams or cross an item off your bucket list.

*Disclosure* My Nana ALWAYS dresses up when guests come over and wants her hair done but didn’t realize we were coming this day so she would definitely not approve of these photos being on the internet but like I always say YOLO because life is short and memories are more important so take the photos. Plus wouldn’t you agree she looks pretty amazing for 97 and being a great-great grandma?


Then we finished our afternoon with sweet kisses, hugs, lots of “I love you’s” and of course a SELFIE. My NANA even knew it was a selfie because she really is that cool.

Oh and the one in the headband is a boy-he just has his own sense of style and felt like rocking his sisters headband this particular day. Rock on son, rock on. Be you sweet boy.


For anyone interested in sewing classes whether it be for your kiddo, niece, nephew, or even yourself check out Craftsy who offers ONLINE sewing classes from introductory all the way to advanced. They also have neat project kits, family crafts and so much more! Perfect gift idea for the holiday season too! You can use my link below to get started because like my Nana taught me–there really is never a time that it’s too late to do anything. YOLO.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This simply means if you purchase something through the links provided I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Rest assured I will never recommend something that I do not enjoy using and wouldn’t recommend to at least my mom, sister or very best friend.

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