FOUR simple letters

Lets talk about that four letter word so many adore and yet so many fear.

You know the one I am referring to by now don’t you?


I promise this isn’t some mushy post that you may be thinking it will be so please just hear me out.

As I have gotten older I have often noticed how in so many relationships the lack of true love exists and conditions are placed within the relationship by either one party or both. And I am not just talking about significant others,  I am talking about friendships, relationships with our mama, daddy, sister, brother, cousin, extended cousin, in laws, out laws, co workers, and I am sure you get the picture by now.

We are choosing to selfishly love rather then selflessly love.

We get to choose our relationships and those we want to be surrounded by to love and respect yet we place conditions on our relationships so that if they aren’t met we can easily walk away. All around the world marriages, friendships and families are being torn apart and it is absolutely devastating yet also completely unavoidable.

Where is our grace and compassion for one another? When will we choose to love entirely without conditions regardless of the other persons choice? See you can’t conditionally say, “Well if they choose to love me without conditions too then I will do the same.” See what just happened there? You too just placed the condition on the relationship out of selfish love instead of selfless love.

This is when I am reminded of how incredibly thankful I am to know that we serve a good and loving God who loves each of us so much that even when we make mistakes he offers us grace and forgiveness because of his unconditional love. I strive each and every day to serve him by choosing to love others without any conditions. It isn’t always easy and some relationships require more effort then others but it is something I choose to do so that my relationships can be real and authentic in love the way God intended them to be. He wants that for all of us, not just for me.

I want to challenge you to do the same and begin loving those in all of your relationships without any conditions and you may just be surprised at the change you see within your heart as well as theirs.

Photos of some of those I choose to love unconditionally each and every day. *In no particular order of importance nor did I include everyone that I do love.*

My sweet nephew, Luke at 10.5 months Best tribe friends that are more like family Some of my greatest girlfriends My grandma Judy with 3 of my kiddos! My handsome hubby who is my best friend, biggest supporter, and lover for life My Dede (my grandma) and Nana (my great grandma) with three of my kiddos. So incredibly blessed for these two ladies in our life.My father in law who taught all of the kiddos to shoot a bebe gun this past summer.My sweet Aiden.My gorgeous mama bear and sister! I absolutely love these two more then they will ever truly know.

My mother in law who absolutely adores her grand-babies and brought my sweet husband into this world.

The kids PowPow who taught all of them to fish. He is hands down the glue that keeps our family together.

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