Collaboration with HIGHLIGHTS

YA’LL I am so excited about this blog post because it brings me back to the days of my childhood.

Who grew up with the magazine highlights?

It was always so fun to open the mailbox and see that my monthly subscription had arrived. I would spend hours working on the different activities having so much fun without even realizing I was learning too.

Flash forward many years and this mama receives an email to do a collaboration with HIGHLIGHTS. Yall I had honestly forgotten all about this amazing brand and didn’t even realize everything they have!!


I received an entire box of goodies with everything from wipe and clean books, hidden puzzle mazes, activity and work books for pre-k, kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade plus so much more.I was seriously like a little kid unboxing it all and I could not wait to share the excitement of a childhood favorite with my own four children.

They were so excited about these products and my youngest went straight to work on a few of the books with the sweetest smile on her face. The wipe and clean books are a personal favorite for car rides and restaurant trips to keep my little ones busy and screen free!

IMG_3776 (1)

Whether you are a homeschooling mama like myself or just trying to find some fun and educational way to keep your kids learning, screen free and having fun HIGHLIGHTS has something for you.

To get your hands on some goodies and take a trip down memory lane head over to to place an order today.


*This is not a paid advertisement and the words written are my real and honest feedback on these products and brand.**Free products were given in exchange for real and honest feedback.*


2 thoughts on “Collaboration with HIGHLIGHTS

  1. I’m so excited to discover this brand and these products! My daughter is growing up fast (cue the tears), and I can’t wait to introduce these to her when she’s old enough! Thanks, Ashley!


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