Are you a fan of State Parks?

Hi friends. Happy Friday, and not just any Friday but Good Friday!!

We just finished our week in Oklahoma while hubby had some business and we tagged along. What a beautiful place it was!

We enjoyed local museums, good food and lots of family time too! The kids loved exploring the Pontawatomi County Musuem and got to ride a vintage pony for .10, see the oldest house in Shawnee, OK that dated back to 1895 and see an organ that survived a tornado. The best part though? It was only $1.00 for the kids and $2.00 for adults. You seriously can’t beat a fun filled day of history on the cheap!


Then one of the days when hubby had some free time we headed out for an adventure at a nearby State Park. We explored, picked up trash, enjoyed a 3 mile hike, the playground, fished and even saw a SNAKE thanks to our 6 year old and his good eyes!

The kids learned all kinds of new things as we explored nature in its natural state. Here are a few photos from our visit to Lake Thunderbird State Park which I highly recommend if you are ever in the Norman, OK area. My only suggestion is to make sure your bug spray includes TICKS because ours did not and the seed ticks were crazy. Lesson learned for next time!

What State Parks have you been too and what did you love about them? Ready to add some to our list! 

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One thought on “Are you a fan of State Parks?

  1. We moved from Kentucky, before we came to Georgia. In Kentucky, you have Land Between The Lakes. They say LBL! All kinds of things there, besides the lakes. 1800s Homestead a Bison and Elk prairies and planetarium. Here in Georgia we just got done at a providence canyon. Which they call little grand canyon


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