I am sure if you read the caption you may be thinking of the oh so famous Netflix show, “Tidying up with Kon Mari.” Suprisingly I have yet to see a single episode BUT I did read the book almost two years ago and it changed me.

I started decluttering everything from the kitchen cabinets, the kids toys and of course my closet. I realized just how much I NEVER wear and how most of my favorite pieces were being worn on repeat. This is what inspired me, along with the book to start a time capsule closet.

What is a time capsule closet? Basically a closet made up of a few staple items to create multiple looks for day to day wear but keeping your closet clutter free and your space minimalised.

After a little trial and error I figured it out and can honestly say I have been successfully doing this a little over a year. I am constantly being asked where certain pieces are from or if an outfit is “new.” Nope, just dragged it out of the closet, changed the shoes/top and accessories and created a fresh look. Pretty awesome huh?

So whether you are thinking about creating some fresh looks for yourself, going kon mari in your closet or just want to add a few staple pieces this post is for YOU!

Here are a few of my favorite MUST HAVE pieces!

  1. These pants. Ya’ll I cannot say enough about these pants. They are super comfortable, keep my mama pooch in and can be dressed up or down. They wash AMAZING (and trust me I know because I wear them probably 2-3 x a week so that is a lot of washing) They are perfect for all seasons too which I absolutely love! Go get yourself a pair or two!

2. This comfy top is actually no longer available BUT I found a few to share that are comparable. Shop a few styles here and here. Going with a comfortable AND solid top makes it easy to dress up or down. Sticking to solids is one of my tips and tricks for a good time capsule closet! I do black, white, heather gray and a few colors that I think look good on me, blue and green. As you can see in one photo I tied it up, popped on some jeans and converse! Another day I left it loose with some shorts and sandals!

Oh and yes that is me with that boa constrictor around my neck because I am cool like that. NOT really but I did do it. Ha!

3. SANDALS! So I got these sandals maybe two months ago and I can honestly say I am so happy with this purchase. They are comfortable, great for narrow OR wide feet (just size up if you have wide feet) and they don’t make my feet sweat. WINNER! I have even worn them on a handful of field trips where I have walked all day long and can honestly say they are that comfortable. Pair them with ANYTHING because I sure do! Snag you a pair here!!

4. Ok last item I am going to share today-a good pair of jean shorts! The summers are hot here in Texas but I also want to look cute while staying comfortable.  I have a bigger bottom so finding shorts that won’t ride up has been challenging throughout the years. I absolutely love these!! The exact pair I am wearing are sold out but these are very similar and the exact same brand!

Well, there you have it! Whether you are looking to Kon Mari your closet or just add a few great staple pieces these items have you covered. Comment below with any questions!!

Happy shopping friends and as always you can follow me on instagram here!



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