Rv must have’s

Well ya’ll we are officially living in our renovated RV full time with our family and no-one has killed anyone…yet.

All jokes aside we are honestly LOVING it and I want to believe some of that is because I did so much research on maximizing small spaces and making this place cozy and comfortable. “Home is where the heart is.” Everyone knows that quote and I so believe it to be true BUT I also believe home is where you feel cozy and comfortable. Am I right? With that goal in mind I feel like we accomplished just that and I am pretty darn proud!

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Are you wanting to RV full time? Or just RV here and there? Or maybe you are just living tiny? If so, this post is for you! Let me share with you my MUST HAVE gadgets that have made living in a small space more comfortable and cozy.

  1. Click here —-> Clever Cutter– Ok ya’ll this is a must have even if you live in a house that isn’t on wheels. Seriously. It is the perfect combo as it combines a knife and cutting board making it easy to store and clean. I tried it out on sweet potatoes too (ya’ll know how hard those are RAW) and it cut straight through. It is a must have so grab you one and grab a few for gifts too!


2. Click here —-> Spice holders- Ok everyone needs spices when cooking those delicious recipes but my goodness they can take up so much cabinet space. I found these incredible magnet spice holders that store your spices and can be attached anywhere with a magnetic strip.  I chose to pop ours under the convection oven (don’t worry I will get to that soon) for convenience. I am absolutely LOVING these!


3.Click here —-> “>Insulation window- So this is a recent purchase and has made such a difference! The back room is our “kids suite” and it wasn’t staying as cool as the rest of the RV. We popped in this insulation insert and my oldest says “it is ice cold in here now!” So definitely a must have, especially if you live anywhere where summers are HOT!

4. Click here —->Rechargeable fans– So our kids LOVE the noise of the fan and have to have it to sleep. They get this from my husband.  I found these small yet powerful fans that clip on to each kiddos bunk and provide the cool and lasting breeze they need. We just charge them in the morning with the included power cord which is not only easy but saves tons of money since we aren’t buying batteries!

IMG_0334 (1).jpg

5.Click here —-> “>Osters Microwave Convection Oven-Ok this is the BEST thing ever! We had a super old stove AND oven in the RV but after lots of research we decided to remove them both to opt in for more counter space and a pantry! We added in this incredible must have and it has truly been everything I wanted and more.  I have baked chicken, veggies and toasted the kids waffles, toast and even made a smore’s dessert! It is perfect and my husband attached a nice chain for when we are on the go to prevent the doors from opening!


6. Click here —-> Picnic table clips– This seems so silly but yall these are amazing. Most of the RV parks we will be at have picnic tables and with even the smallest amount of wind the table cover goes flying off. These clips are easy to pop on and off while keeping your table cloth in place to enjoy your meals outside. They could even double as cloth hanger pins too!

7. Click here —->Command razor holder AND this awesome shampoo/soap/conditioner combo. This has kept our tiny RV shower clutter free and they stick to the wall AMAZING! The shampoo holder comes with the labels and they include but are not limited to: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, lotion, etc. They also provide different languages on the labels which I love! Both are a must have for any tiny living or small bathrooms!

IMG_0337 (1)

8. Click here —-> Command hooks-Whether you live tiny or not these are a must have! They are so strong and can hold just about anything AND they don’t ruin your wall paint. We are using them to keep cabinets shut in the RV, hold hanging storage pieces in the closet and photos! Seriously love them so stock up!!

9.  Click here —->RV sewer support hoseThis keeps your sewer hose OFF the ground which not only helps it function better but prevents critters or anything from being on it. Easy must have!

10. Click here —->Firesticks- We don’t do a ton of screen time and even though most of the RV parks provide basic cable we opt out of that as a family. We LOVE Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu though and a simple firestick is an easy way to access all of these. It plugs into the TV and allows streaming with only the use of WIFI (another thing the RV park provides) We have had these even since before RV living full time and I highly recommend them.

Well there you have it, a few of my favorite MUST HAVE items for RV/tiny living! Hope you find yourself a thing or two!


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*All products posted are from Amazon and therefore I will receive a commission for advertising if you choose to purchase any of these products!*

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