And don’t you come back no more, no more, no more-hit the road Jack! 

I grew up listening to this classic song by the late Ray Charles in my Papa’s Lincoln with the windows down and the wind blowing in my hair singing along to the chorus lines because that’s all I knew.

Well we hit the road officially TWO months ago living in our renovated RV full time and I am happy to say we are truly loving it.

Honestly I expected to have hiccup after hiccup or to feel overwhelmed living in such tiny quarters but we have enjoyed this ride so much and I will forever be thankful we took the chance to dive head first into this journey!

Here are a few things we have enjoyed while living in our 300 sq ft RV that I want to remember forever. And who knows, maybe they will inspire you somehow too!

  1. Family movie night-Since we chose NOT to have a TV in our sleeping area (for now at least, come football season thats MAY change) the only TV we have is the one in the kids suite and for those NOT familiar thats our children’s bedroom that includes 4 bunk beds, a small TV, small storage space/desk area and pull out storage drawers for their clothes. Our family movie nights have consisted of Toy Story 1, 2, and 3 as well as Passport to Paris and Billboard Dad just to name a few. The normal sleeping arrangements are the younger two sleep up top and the older two sleep on bottom not really leaving any room for hubs and I for a family movie night right?? WRONG! I cuddle up with our oldest daughter on her bottom bunk and hubs fits right in our oldest sons bed for some cuddles too! If you thought farts smelled bad before just try living together in a small space! I honestly will miss the nights we can no longer be this close watching movies together. 

      2. SCREEN FREE LIVING– Ya’ll know this mama tries to limit screen time. If you didn’t know that now you do. I have a million and one reasons WHY but I won’t go into any of that today. I do give my children screen time for a few hours weekly and that consists of family movie night or Netflix series they can enjoy during a rainy day or some quiet time. It used to be sometimes challenging to live SCREEN FREE in a world where everything and everyone is about screens.  RV living has changed that. All of the children we have met thus far have parents who seem to believe in this same thing making it so easy for children to go outside and be children. Our children play with more kids now then when we lived in a gated community FULL OF CHILDREN. Sad to say but true. They ride bikes, play four square, go on nature walks, enjoy sports and of course use their imaginations! It brings out the creative side in ALL of our children leaving this mama oh so proud. *Please note this is what I CHOOSE to do for MY family and YOU are doing what works for YOUR family. In no way am I saying screen time is negative and in no way am I trying to offend anyone who utilizes screen time more than myself. *

3. Cleaning– This used to be something I did on the DAILY and all day long! I felt like I was always cleaning or organizing our 3000 sq ft space to just do it again the very next day. EXHAUSTING YA’LL!!! Now I can clean in about 10 minutes AND deep clean in less then an hour. Instead of cleaning up messes all day, every day that are necessary to make for memories to be made we are spending more time creating memories and embracing it all which is something I will forever be thankful for.

4. Our children LOVE each other-I used to brag in the proud mom way about how well my children got along. I used to use #siblinggoals because they truly were goals. But nothing could have prepared me for the LOVE and BOND that they now all share. They all FOUR sleep in the kids suite and that space alone is small. Really small. They laugh in there, read together, watch movies, and even argue BUT they quickly work it out. They love hard and laugh even harder and these moments will carry them into adulthood  creating lifelong bonds with one another for years and years to come that they may have otherwise missed out on if we weren’t living in such close quarters.

5. Adventures– We take MORE ADVENTURES! An adventure can honestly be anything you want it to be and in our RV experience thus far we have had so many adventures as a family that only RV living could have blessed us with. River trips, state park visits, seeing loads of wildlife, days spent at Seaworld and Aquatica, exploring the river walk, movie days at small town theaters where the movie tickets cost less then a full hand of fingers AND lots of nature walks. We have chosen to find adventure in everything we have done so far and it makes for the best moments and memories to look back on.

What Adventures do you enjoy taking as a family?? 

So there you have it, life with the Haby’s the last 60ish days + tiny living on the road and how we are embracing it all.

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2 thoughts on “HIT THE ROAD JACK

  1. High five for keeping Billboard Dad and Passport To Paris alive! Classics. Also, I now want to live in an RV. Is it scary during bad storms?


    1. They just popped them on Netflix so I had to introduce the kids!!! We haven’t had anything scary with storms yet and we have had some bad storms. Tip #1 watch the weather closer #2 Get a battery operated weather radio #3 Don’t park directly under trees!


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