With our recent switch to RV living full time we have had several long drives in between parks and back home for visits.

Trips that have been anywhere from 3-8 hours and an upcoming trip of 10+ hours. Oh and let me just make it known that my children have NEVER been good car riders.

If you have children that have always been a pleasure to ride with count your blessings because it has been anything BUT that for us.

Now (many years and car trips later) my kids are honestly pro’s and I thought I let you in on a few helpful traveling tips that have helped us + a few others that fellow instagrammers shared with me! *Anytime you see the word instagrammer know that I have credited their account!*

I can’t wait to share these travel tips with you and I do hope they help someone along the way!

  • Limit the screen time-You may be reading this and saying WHAT, No way! but please hear me out for a quick second. For long trips we use screen time so I am not saying to eliminate it all together but heres what I have noticed. If you start your child on screen time immediately they often fight with each other more, are frustrated easier and if the device dies you are up a creek without a paddle. Wait as long as possible before giving in to screen time. Trust me and then thank me later.
  • Audio books- We LOVE audio books for car rides. They calm my kids and keep them nice and quiet too. Sometimes we can listen for an hour or two while other times its just a quick 30 minutes. Take what you can get. We love using for our books and a few of our favorites are: Wizard of Oz, Charlottes Web, Magic treehouse series and Tom Sawyer. *I would love to hear your audio book suggestions in the comments below too*
  • Coloring book and/or crossword puzzle. This idea came from this instagrammer and is one we absolutely love!! Great brain breaks for those long trips!
  • Good music! Ya’ll music can help oh so much if you are feeling tired or need to power through the end of the trip! Make a few playlist and have them ready to go. Great suggestion made by this instagrammer. 
  • Stopping to stretch or walk for a bit. I think this is so important if you have a car ride over 5+ hours! I usually have my kids do some sort of exercise too during these stops like jumping jacks, push ups and burpees! They love it and it exerts some energy that definitely needs to be exerted. Thanks for the suggestion from this instagrammer.
  • BOOKS-Yes, Yes, and Yes! This instagrammer who is a book mama for Usborne has all kinds of books for car rides! Magic painting books, wipe and clean books (personal favorites) Sticker books, I spy books and Never get bored books. Please go check out her link here and grab a few! *Not paid to promote this, just personal and honest feedback. 
  • Melatonin gummies- I wish I had known about this one years ago. How great is this  for restless toddlers, fussy babies or teens who won’t stop fighting. Ha! This helpful travel tip is from this instagrammer and a new personal favorite of mine! 
  • SNACKS-Ya’ll this is probably the best travel tip in my opinion! We have been stuck in accident traffic and snacks got us through. I have had hangry kids and snacks got us through. I have had kids bickering and I handed them a snack AND it got us through. Pack a snack pack for each child and an emergency bag of snacks up front with you and I promise snacks won’t let you down. If you are unsure of how much to pack just know MORE is best! This was a suggestion from myself and all of these instagrammers below.  I told you SNACKS was a great travel tip!
  • instagrammer  
  • instagrammer
  • instagrammer

So where are you headed next and how long is the car ride? I can’t wait to hear what traveling tips worked best for YOU + your family! 



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